Equity Partners Group, LLC (EPG) is comprised of a team of experienced professionals dedicated to preserving and growing investment capital through the acquisition and management of multi-family properties. With close to 50 years combined experience in residential and commercial real estate investing, EPG’s partners and expert consultants have an outstanding set of skills needed to find, analyze, purchase and operate multi-family properties.

Farrar Pang is the founder and managing member of Equity Partners Group, LLC. Farrar holds a bachelor’s degree in Economics from University of International Business and Economics in Beijing, China. She immigrated to the United States after graduating from college, and lived in New York City for the first 9 years. It was during that time that Farrar started investing in real estate part time. In the early 2000’s, Farrar relocated to Northern Kentucky, and began investing in real estate full time shortly thereafter. She has since successfully bought and managed a range of residential and large apartment income producing properties. She targets properties that offer steady cash flow and high annual returns. Farrar also owns and operates a real estate investment company that specializes in residential real estate investing.

Ed Babenco is a partner of EPG. Also founder and owner of Parma Investments LLC. Ed has been investing in real estate since early 1980’s.  For over three decades he has been successfully buying, rehabbing, and managing rental properties in mid-west of US and Florida. Originally from Connecticut, Ed now lives in Sarasota, FL, where he owns 2 successful car dealerships. After attending the University of Connecticut, Ed went to work with a national real estate firm where he received training in sales and marketing.  He continues his education today by regularly attending training seminars in areas of real estate analysis and underwriting, acquisition, market cycles, syndication, and property management.